Cannot implement production plans?


Equipment monitoring



Easy to connect!

No additional sensors necessary. Connect to existing sensors or reels and immediately enter the information.


Financial return on the long run!

Measurable quantitative financial result.

Just €50 per month!

Reaching the right decisions as to what to invest into: equipment or the organising of works.

Work in production is characterised by precision and continuity. Anyhindrances slow down the production process, so a smooth flow must be ensured. It is first necessary to identify the existing problems with the equipment in each stage of production in order to increase efficiency. Lean2S is created to increase the speed of this process.

Lean2S is a piece of automated data collection equipment that allows to collect information on the speed of the performed operation, the start and end of idle time, and to identify specific causes of idle time and deviations from the norm. Lean2Sis not a theory of optimising work, but A PRACTICAL SOLUTION, ACTUAL RESULTS, and MEASURABLE FINANCIAL RETURN.


Presentation of information to improve production efficiency and profitability.


More effective production equipment diagnostics and malfunction prevention.


Reports on any computer and access to the company’s internal network via the Internet and exporting data to MS Excel.


Increasing work time productivity.


Possibility to view data on mobile phones and tablets.


Comparison of production shift work results.


All data are stored on a cloud. You need not worry about installing servers or software.

Collect all of the information about a specific piece of equipment: idle time and work rhythm. Determine the causes of hindrances in work flows.

Lean2S: practical production optimisation solutions, ensuring measurable and long-term financial results.

During consulting of companies, we tested the Lean process management system. We have identified the weaknesses of the system and were determined to find the answer to the question why do the implemented Lean production optimisation tools not produce the desired quantitatively measurable financial effect? This is how the idea for Lean2S was born, which was capable of living up to the expectations. We strive to achieve production optimisation efforts that would provide a measurable and long-term financial result. Lean2S—quickly and easily!

The operation of Lean2S is based on 3 different stages

1st stage:

  • determining how long a piece of equipment has been in operation;
  • assessing whether it is working uniformly (if it is a flow line);
  • calculating how much time the equipment is in idle without having to justify it.

This way, the company forms a realistic picture of the situation in just one day. Accurate equipment loads are identified. What makes us stand out is the SPEED, ACCURACY, and VISUALISATION of data collection and result presentation.


2nd stage:

collecting data regarding the reasons for why the equipment has stopped working by implementing special methods to determine the causes for idleness.


3rd stage:

registering information that is necessary to determine general equipment effectiveness:

  • product codes;
  • standards;
  • determining and coordinating durations.

Such a process ensures targeted and automated data collection, avoiding any deviations caused by the human factor.

User achievements

Before implementing monitoring:

6 operators are present in a shift;
during off season, work is carried out in three shifts;
during on season, a fourth shift is formed—work is carried out 24/7.

THREE months since the implementation of monitoring:

the drawbacks of equipment coordinating and work organising were identified and resolved;

during on season, there was no need to create a fourth shift;

Considering based on the production output, 1,000 human work hours were saved in the last three months!

Before implementing monitoring:

Work is organised to be carried out 24/7.

After implementing monitoring:

Having considered equipment loads, a work schedule was formed, which allowed to reduce the amount of employees by 2.5 times.

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